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Wednesday, May 02, 2007 first planning back to 2007 itinerary All years travel albums Cambodia, Scotland, Thailand, Mexico,


  2007 - 2008 travel plan

Sydney > Boston > Albany > (own way to JFK > Knoxville > Guatemala City > Goa/Mumbai > Darwin > Adelaide


  1. Leave Adelaide 15th August to Sydney (Leigh memorial). Leave August 18th (Saturday) Sydney to arrive Boston on 19th AM leave Boston on 23rd (Thursday) to Albany (drive car back to NYC).
  2. December 22 - January 06, 2008 road trip - see Chris Tennessee
  3. April spring break Tennessee One Week > Guatemala City One Week
  4. 2008 June 27 (Friday) NY to Knoxville - first Central America (28 June to 5th July) to India (July 6th 12) (Goa) or Mumbai July 13 (Sunday noon) to Darwin leave on the 16th to Adelaide


websites to keep track of:

Tiger Air


May 6, 2007 Mayan Palace Acapulco and car rental at $20/day